Conference Accessibility

At last year’s conference, we put in a lot of work to ensure accessibility. We held the event in an accessible venue as well as provided the program in alternative formats. Our digital accessibility toolkit was hosted on our accessible website. Finally, we hired ASL interpreters, live captioners, and recruited volunteer audio describers.

This year we are pushing the envelope by live-streaming the conference to reach a wider audience.

Event Space Accessibility

The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice is wheelchair accessible, and includes the following accommodations:

  • accessible entrances and bathrooms
  • access to the lobby atrium via lift
  • gender neutral restrooms
  • lactation room
  • a quiet room

Assistive Tech

As part of our partnership, Aira is offering free Aira Access for the duration of the conference. Attendees can download and use the Aira app to navigate from the nearest subway stations or bus stops to the conference, find a conference room, describe tech showcase, or read conference handouts.

Download the free Aira app as a Guest at today so you can use Aira for free while attending the event.

Please be sure to specify any additional accessibility requests like CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) and ASL (American Sign Language) when registering for the conference.

Programming Accessibility

The conference program will be available in large print, braille, and electronic formats. Slide decks will be e-mailed to attendees upon request and available for download on the conference website. During the event, there will be two volunteers at the info desk to answer your questions.