Social Media

Illustrated New Yorkers happily greeting each other, entering the subway, and working at a laptop.

Social media is a powerful way to engage with your audience and learn more about their needs. While social platforms are great for storytelling, we encourage agencies to use these channels to connect with New Yorkers on a human level and deliver top-notch customer service.

Social media use by City workers and agencies is subject to laws and regulation. These rules cover who can manage social media accounts, how to engage with users, and archiving social media for legal reasons.

Before using social media on behalf of your agency, familiarize yourself with these rules by reading the City’s Official Social Media Policy and Guidebook.


The City’s team of social and digital media workers goes by the name Team Digi. If you work on social or digital for your team, stay in touch with Team Digi by joining the NYC Digital Slack group and attending regular trainings, quarterly meetings, and events. Request an invite to the NYC Digital Slack group.

For information on any of these, contact the City’s social media lead using the form on the Contacts page.